Raising £1 Million for our selected childrens charities.
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Our Selected Charities
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Raising A Million is about Raising A Million pound for Children.

We are a non for profit organisation created to raise £1,000,000 for selected childrens charities. We raise money via many methods including events, sponsorship, auctions, raffles, and challengers.

On achieving our target we will be distributing the money equally between the chosen charities.

Make A Change

All these charities are very special from children with physical or learning disabilities, speech and language, brain related conditions, life threatening conditions to end of life care.

Each of the charities is helping children and family's by providing support, equipment and grants. These children and family's need our help to make that change. You can make this change by getting involved with Raising a Million via many of the fundraising events and ways of donating. Please read how you can donate HERE.
Raising a Million would like to wish Paula Fletcher and Rhoda Badge all our luck in competing in the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 19th April. Keep up to date by following our NEWS HERE
Dave Greenwood has kindly offered to jump out of a plane on behalf of Raising a Million in 2015. We will all be there to cheer him on. Keep up to date with our NEWS HERE
Sherann Hillman has now joined our fantastic team to help raise our profile and hopefully to achieve our goal. you can read more about her long list of achievements in our NEWS HERE
This years challenge - 'We love you to the moon and back' is an exciting challenge for anybody to take part. The idea is to cycle, walk, run, swim, step or any other activity to create enough miles in total to equal a trip the the moon and back. Any amount of mile you can achieve will count to the total. This can be done as an individual activity, work place activity, clubs or local sportsclub. This could be a fun activity just involving your children at the weekend or a dedicated event. Fill in your sponsor form and once your money is collected please submit this to us. People can donate any amount either per mile of for your total miles achieved. 
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Every £1 counts - if you are sponsored just £2 per mile we can achieve our £1 million target for our 10 charities
To see how we are doing and how many mile we are up to - please see our social networks
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